What is the Loisaba Community Conservation Foundation?

Never let the sunset on those in need.

On a 100 sq.mi. ranch in the middle of the Laikipiak Plateau in Kenya, we meld the needs of man and nature by providing a refuge for native species of animals which also allows the local Laikipiak Masaai and Samburu tribes the opportunity for employment and sustainable agriculture. We provide teachers, classrooms, school supplies, housing for students, nursing staff at our local clinic, and the like. Improving the quality of life for these traditionally marginalized tribes while assuring a vast wilderness for endangered species such as our Grevy’s Zebra has been a dream now coming to fruition. There will be no administration fees or costs associated with your donation. All funds raised go exactly where they are needed–to Loisaba! We’re an IRC Sec. 501c(3) qualified Charitable Trust and we need your help to keep the Mission successful.

Inside these web pages you will read of the Mission of Loisaba and what we are working so hard to accomplish–and the “why” of it all. There is no doubt that the need is extreme and the road to travel long and hard. That reality means we all must do more to fight everyday to secure a sustainable space on our planet for both Man and Nature–both under constant threat–both so vulnerable. We owe this much and more to those less fortunate and vulnerable. What distinguishes mankind from the rest of our fellow travelers on Earth’s journey is the need and desire to reach into the lives of all of our fellow travelers to make all of our future on the planet more sustainable–by helping where help is needed the most.

We are now in the process of securing conservation rights to an adjoining 67 sq. mi. ranch. Once completed, Loisaba’s 167 sq. mi. area will comprise the largest privately held ranch in East Africa and will insure adequate range for the over 300 species of birdlife, scores of species of mammals including elephants, zebra, varied species of antelope from Dik-Dik to Greater Kudu and Impala, wild dogs, cheetahs, lions, leopards, hippopotamus, two species of hyenas…an area rich in wildlife like few others.

And all of these efforts are dedicated to securing responsible nature conservancy with simultaneous responsible community involvement and support to assure an increased quality of life for the native tribes so that they can live in harmony with nature and so that their health, education and safety are secured.

Please help us in our efforts. The need is so severe and they ask so little. Assume Stewardship with us in protecting and preserving this small part of the planet in the Cradle of Mankind. Together, we can all make a difference each and every day–we must if we are going to make it together. Thank you.

– Jim Towne, Trustee