Education is Key: An Update from LCCF Scholarship Student Felister Ntunyoi

Education is Key: An Update from LCCF Scholarship Student Felister Ntunyoi

Four years ago Felister Ntunyoi was given the gift of education through an LCCF scholarship made possible by a group of friends, the Newport Gang, who committed to sponsoring her throughout four years of medical school.  Now in her final year, Felister shares her insight on the importance of education.

“My name is Felister Ntunyoi, and I am a medical student at Kenya Methodist University in Meru. I was born in Loborsoit and when I become a doctor, the first thing I am going to do is give back to my community.

I think the most important thing is to take education seriously. Because education is power; a lot can be achieved when peopled are educated and learned. If the invasions in Laikipia continue, communities will lose many benefits from conservancies such as education, scholarships, jobs, development programmes, wildlife and environmental protection and loss of investors among others. I am getting my education through the LCCF scholarships – so now I, one of 10 siblings from rural Laikipia, will be a doctor.

It is also important for people in Laikipia to seek other sources of income – nomadic pastoralism life is not the way to go, in my view it is a struggle so people should try to invest elsewhere, like mixed farming. I don’t think people know enough about other options of earning a living. There are no second chances in life so people should try and be as informed as possible so that they can make good decisions about everything.

The best of advice I have ever been given; education is key. Illiteracy, ignorance and lack of knowledge is why people entertain bad politics and bad politicians. It is why some people still practice nomadic pastoralism when surely the drought and famine will kill their livestock every few years and they have nothing to fall back on. So I say again – education is key.”

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