Our Products

There are a number of women’s groups within Loisaba, the largest being the Koija Women’s Group. These women make intricate beaded products by hand. Combining their passion with their keen eye for design, beautiful pieces of workmanship result. We sell these products in the United States ensuring the funds received go to these crafters. With the income these women receive they can hopefully provide essential finances for their families. With your help, these women may have the opportunity to give their children a healthy and meaningful life.

Placemat Process

It takes a few days to make just one placemat. The center of the placemat is made from an aloe plant called sansevieria which has to be cut and dried out, then coiled. Once the base of the placemat is created, the women begin the elaborate bead work that really accentuates the product. The women use striking color combinations that would catch the eye of any consumer. The Koija Women’s Group should be recognized for the amount of dedication they put into all of their products, particularly the placemats.

The women also make other beaded products including: bracelets, necklaces, dog collars and horse brow bands. The materials are provided to the women by LCCF. Each item is a one of a kind work of art that reflects the tribe’s cultural heritage. The products are all handmade and can be created in any color combination. To place a custom order for your family, team, or group, please contact LCCF or visit one of our selected retailers.

 Your support means so much to those who have so little. Thank you!