Where the Money Goes

Where does my money go?

Through the support of generous individuals like you, we’ve been able to make improvements in many areas but the needs of the region are still great. We have a number of projects which need your help. Without you, they will never happen. You can make a monetary donation, which we will allocate to the area where the need is greatest, or you can choose items from the list below. Even a small donation can have a big impact. You can donate here today. Thank you for your support!

Secondary School is Not Free

The children have to go away to secondary school, so we help out. At present we can only afford to send 1 of every 7 children who qualify. To send 1 child, we make certain we can afford all 4 years. We do not want to start a child’s secondary education and then end it for lack of funds. The cost of sponsoring a child includes bedding, tuition ($1,350), food, school supplies, personal effects and transportation. Providing an education is blessing each day of a person’s life.



We Need Funds For Teachers

Former President Mwai Kibaki’s first act once in office was to declare every child would receive a free primary school education. At that time, we had 120 students. But, the children came and keep coming. The government has insufficient funds for teachers, books, classrooms and dorms. We try to fill the need as best we can but we’re still short of our goal. Two classrooms still have more than 70 students each. We need 4 more teachers we have now built 11 classrooms but need more teachers.



Help Maintain Internet Access and Computers

Thanks to generous donors, The Nemer Family and Soroptimist International of Saratoga County Inc., The Ewaso School is the only school in Laikipia County with computers and internet access. Your donation will help us maintain the systems and underwrite the cost of monthly internet access and ongoing computer training.




Give the Teachers a Home

We’ve completed the girls’ and boys’ dorms, but still need to provide decent living quarters for the teachers. We need 30,000 bricks. We own a brick making machine but need to pay for labor and materials to make them.





Safety for our Students and Teachers

The schoolyard fence was bulldozed by the elephants during a 3 year drought. The children had a small garden to supplement their diet of corn and bean mash. Without the fence, hyenas and other predators roam the schoolyard at night. Because the environment is so unsafe at night, the children must stay locked in their dorms for 11 hours at night. An electric fence would keep the elephants out and allow us to fix the fence and secure the schoolyard at night, while a solar lighting system would provide the dorms and buildings with lights at night. This is a big project with many components.


Uniforms for the Children

These three sisters have just been given the first new clothes they have ever owned – their new school uniforms. Their old clothes were saved for children even less fortunate. Nothing ever goes to waste. Many children are still in need of uniforms.